Mechanical: If your car isn’t sounding and functioning like how you bought it, let’s fix it. Replacing parts that go bad will prevent further damage and wear on other components.

“Check Engline light”: The car computer is telling you something is wrong. This light must be fixed in most cases to pass smog. By using our scan tool we can diagnose the issue and proceed with proper repairs.

Electrical: The wiring in a vehicle is built to last, however life happens and cable, fuses, wires, computers can get old, worn, or shorted  causing the components  to not function how they should. With our large knowledge base of cars, we can track down the issues and remedy them.

Example of a repair

BEFORE: see photo AFTER: slotted and drilled rotors


From an oil change to a full diagnotic, James will provide an excellent service! He already have few happy clients. Here few jobs that he did!

  • On 2008 dodge charger, new brakes and drilled rotors
  • Small lift on 2001 Toyota Tacoma
  • Repaired suspension on 2001 Nissan Altima
  • Headlight restoration on 2008 Toyota Tacoma
  • Repaired a leak in radiator on Ford Mustang 2005
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