There are different detailing options.

JDC Auto full vehicle restore! This vehicle restore is meant to bring a weathered car back to life.

Interior Detail includes– Vacuuming complete interior and trunk carpets, optionnal but highly recommanded scrub/shampoo/removal of stains from seats and carpet, leather conditioner and protection, wipe down and protection of all interior plastics and metals. Scrub of door panel, kick panel, cup holder and streak free cleaning of the mirrors. (Price Varies on condition of vehicle and size)

Engine Bay detail includes (see photo before/after) – a careful wash of the engine bay to not damage the electronics. Removal of dust, dirt, debris, an oil bringing back that new engine looks. We also coat the plastics with a protective spray and polish any metals on the engine.

Exterior Detail includes– Washing and decontaminating of the paint, wheels, undercarriage, headlight restore, swirl mark removal or reduction, paint compound/polish/wax.


Exterior Detail $40.00
Engine Bay Detail $65.00
Interior Detail $65.00
Shampoo and Stain Removal $60.00
For different options Price may vary


Your car will look totally different after our detailing. What is included in our Exterior detail:

  • It begins with exterior soak and pressure wash of paint, wheels and undercarriage
  • Pressurized water through a foaming gun sprays and coats the entire vehicle
  • Wipe down of vehicle components, scrubbed down with wheel and tire brush
  • Pressurized rinse of vehicle exterior to cleanse off all soap and loosened impurities
  • Drying the vehicle with microfiber towels as well as compressed air blow

You don’t have time to clean your car, especially the interior. Let us do the work for you and you will have a fresh clean interior car.

  • Clean out of large trash items, food wrappers, straw wrappers, bottle lids, etc….
  • Vacuum all accessible areas of carpets and seats
  • Wipe down and scrub of the dashboard, steering wheel, air vents and more
  • Clean all the interior glass removing impurities
  • Optionnal, highly recommanded shampoo and stain removal on carpet and seats
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